Miska János - From Kerosene Lamps to Space Travels

Miska János – From Kerosene Lamps to Space Travels

4000 Ft

An Autobiography


>Betekintés a könyvbe<

For half a century now, John Miska has been the godfather of Hungarian writing in Canada. As a professional librarian and bibliographer, John positioned himself in the nation which adopted him so that he could aid the establishment of Hungarian literature and Hungarian studies in Canada – and an awareness of Hungarian/Canadian literature in his native land. But, as his own collections of elegant stories, Egy bögre tej (A Mug of Milk) and Túl a hídon (Over the Bridge) demonstrate, he has always been at heart a Hungarian peasant farmer, a populist tiller of the rich Magyar soil. It is this heritage he turned to the establishment and nurturing of a garden of poetry, fiction and discourse across the breadth of his new country in the New World. Kerosene Lamps is his modest memoir of how that came to be. It is a story of courage, hard work, triumph and loss which will ensure we remember him as he is, and has always been.
George Payerle


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